Geisha Girl

Yesterday at Paul Mitchell, there was a contest going on between students on who has the best makeup and hair for "Cosmetology Through Time" and we could pick whatever era we wanted to create a unique and timeless look. I paired up with my friend Carole, and we grabbed whatever supplies were out and went to work. We grabbed red, green and yellow toulle, red plastic beads, 2 packages of synthetic hair (or we call it weave) and a ton of bobby pins.

We wanted to go for something fun and different from what enyone else would do, so we decided to do a "Geisha Girl" theme. While Carole went to work to try and tame my bright "Vampire Red" hair, I started on my face makeup! We made a great team and it all came together.

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There were other time era's too, including rocker, 80's, grecian and eqyptian. We used whatever we could to rock our look out. We took two draping capes and made a makeshift kimono out of it and wrapped toulle around my waist and Carole made a paper fan so I could fan  myself.  We had a mini show and the whole school voted on the best theme. When I walked across the stage, I walked really fast with tiny lil steps the way geisha's did wearing those tiny shoes. Everyone voted for the Geisha look and we won the contest for the day! It was excited! We got a gift card to a bakery nearby, but I dont really eat there so I gave it to Carole!

Here is a glimpse of the other models:

Egyptian Inspired makeup

Greek Inspired

80's Inspired

Rocker Inspired

Avante Garde Inspired

I was able to squeeze in a makeup application while waiting for the fashion show to begin :) 

My Nick graduated as well yesterday!!!! I am so proud of him!

Have you ever seen a geisha do the robot? Oh I get down! lol
So that was my day yesterday at school. The next big project at school, is that we are putting on a HUGE fashion show next month. More details to come! I am helping to direct this with Nick and I have to get to work on the flyer and programs! I will blog more about it as I pull it together. 

Here is a glimpse at the next tattoo drawing I am working on for my friend Jak-Jak :) Not finished yet, but I am getting there!

Capricorn symbol with Lily and Rose with Scroll detail line work
I will blog the finished drawing soon!

I hope this inspired you to be creative and surrender to your inner artist!

Quote of the Day:

Living life with regrets is in a sense, not really living life. Picture yourself trying to drive somewhere. Do you think that you would be able to make it safely from point a to point b by staring into the rearview mirror the whole drive? Of course not! We must use this as an example to the way we live our lives.

Sure we have all made mistakes, and sometimes we wish that things could have gone differently, but it is impossible to keep reliving these moments and expect to move forward in life. In order to move forward in life take the experiences from your past and use them as stepping blocks in order to reach your new goals and dreams. In other words, don't let your past hold you back, learn from your past and use it to help you further your future. Be who you are now, and not who you used to be.

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.