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This was in class on friday :)

Sunday is a day for me to relax, well kind of. I do sleep in, eat in my bed, stay in my jammies and watch movies and jam out to music, but I also try to squeeze in blogging and my art. In between eating pizza and watching E.T. (hehehe) I designed my new blog banner. I had thought I saved my work, but then the comp died, so lost my first design, but this one is way better than the original. So, maybe it was a good thing it died on me.

I dont need to post that pic, because you can see it above! I worked for hours on this bad boy and I really love it. It has all the things I am interested in and the stars and moon and some of my makeup photo shoots all incorporated in it.

I managed to do my makeup-for no particular reason other than to pick up hubby from work. I finally am able to put on false lashes by MYSELF! Which is no easy task! I usually have my hubby do it, or a friend.

I am working on a memorial piece that I mentioned a few posts ago, I just have the line work right now which I am in the process of inkin it right now. I got the design approved from my client after I drew it in pencil, so she loved it! I worked on it a lil bit while the kids were playing. We all had slurpees. They had a mixture of wild cherry and berry and I had Pina Colada.

My necklace and bracelet reflected the suns light onto my drawing which I thought was appropriate considering it is an angel memorial tattoo piece. This looks pretty plain, but once I am completely done, it will look really nice. I hope to be done with it hopefully tomorrow.
That was my day for today, it is nearing 2am, so I am gonna stop and go to bed. Tomorrow will be another art-filled day! Thanks for stopping by!

Quote of the Day:
Seeking to be fulfilled and happy is probably one of the most important goals that we should aim for throughout our lives. When we learn about ourselves earlier on in life we then realize who we are and what we are passionate about. Whether we choose to pursue these passions then falls on us.

Sure, there is a plan for our lives, but there is also a heavy responsibility on us to actually make the right choices and to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of us, that we feel in our hearts are actually for us. No one wants to go all the way through their life, and then realize at an old age that they were never really fulfilled. You have to live take risks, follow your heart, laugh, love, and most importantly be who you are, who you really are at your heart�s level. By doing this fulfillment and happiness will come by default!

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