In my rainboots

I love my rainboots! I snagged these puppies up last year at Sears and they are so comfy! My son wanted to get a pair of rainboots, but he picked out fireman rainboots which were on sale for $7. He looks so cute!

We are both such Ham's lol

Photo taken by Matthias!

This is so adorable!
I had these on the past few days, because even though the hurricane has passed, we are still getting lil showers here and there. I slipped these on and met up with one of my models a few days ago, and afterwards, I went lookin in MACY's to see if they had any cute pin-upy/50's style dresses. Here are a few I came across. Don't pay attention to my facial expressions! I am deep in thought! hahaha

This one is my fav so far! And it has pockets! (bonus!)

This one is runner up, I like the clash of yellow mixed in it.

So, help me out my friends! Which Dress? 1, 2, 3 or 4?

Here are some other cute things I found browsing around:

I am just diggin these! They would match all my boots!

I spotted this at Old Navy- thinking about pickin it up for Arabella, she loved this animal print

ok, these mannequins just freak me out. I wish I could smack the smiles off of them. Weird lol

Thanks for stopping by! Dont forget to comment on which dress I should get for my pinup party!

Quote of the day:

"What takes us back to the past ...are the memories. What Brings us our dreams. "
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