Green Team

Yesterday was sooooo HECTIC! Super Service Day was so busy! I was disappointed that I didnt take any pictures. I was so busy all day, I barely had time to even eat! I had 7 guests total, which is ALOT! I promised the first 5 guests that booked with me would get a surprise. I had painted 5 small canvases and gave them to each of my guests. Check them out:

Lightening Bolt!

A Sunset

Water Lily Flowers

A pretty Vibrant Eye

Anchors Away!

I did a color service, 3 conditioning treatments, and 4 haircuts! Which doesnt seem like alot now that I am writing it, but it seemed like all I was doing was going into the washhouse. It was alot of fun! All the teams were dressed in our proud colors! I was GREEN Team baby! We had our rows all decorated and there was music playing, juice and snacks available. Every hour or so, discounts were given on Paul Mitchell Products.

There were mini competitions too, such as who sold the most products, who had the highest ticket sales, which team had the most services and so on.

I am proud to announce that I sold the most products for the first half of the day! I won two pairs of cutting shears! (which are not cheap!) It was an awesome feeling of acomplishment! Another classmate of mine won shears too for having the largest priced ticket!

Other teams won throughout the day, but I am sorry to say that I was busy, I didnt get to find out what and congratulate everyone! I will say one thing though, I need to get some insoles for my shoes, because I dont know how hair stylists can stay on their feet all day. I came home and could barely walk!

We had a big POW WOW and the GREEN Team won for most take home products and most services done yesterday! We won a pizza party for next week! yay oh yay! I love me some pizza!

I came home yesterday and waiting for me on my bed was a box. I opened it to find a beautiful bouquet of purple orchids sent from 1-800-Flowers. My mom sent them from Korea for my birthday tomorrow. They are so vibrant and smell so good. I have never received an orchid before, so I love them even more!

It is nice to receive flowers especially from my mom. I miss her being all the way in Korea. Without my mom, I wouldnt be here. So- Mom, if you are reading this- I love you so much. Thank you for all that you have taught me and given to me. I cant wait until you are home again!

The flowers that fell I put them in my hair! Which goes nicely with the green I wore for school!

Look how bright the colors are!!!! I love it!

That was my busy busy day yesterday! Alot happened today as well, and tomorrow is going to be amazing! My birthday is tomorrow!!!! so, I may not post tomorrow but I will on friday!

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Quote of the day:

When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic.

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