Today was a busy day, almost like everyday but there was just an energy in the air almost electrofying...well, at least to me anyways.  We had our Townhall day yesterday (where we get a day off, but the learning leaders have training-so like a teacher work day haha), but we still get our hours as long as we do our "Homeplay"-they dont like to say "homework" so instead they insert play. We had to come up with a PATRIOTIC updo or theme and we could use accessories, well, I decided to do something different. Check it out!

After lunch, we went and had FREE HUGS DAY! This is an event that ALL Paul Mitchell Schools all over the country go out into the community at the same time and give Free Hugs to people and share our Paul Mitchell "Be Nice or Else" Culture.

Here is a video from our school last year!

I am still editing the video footage that I shot, but in the meantime, here are some images to feast your eyeballs on!

Mr. Rudy himself of Rudy & Kelly Salons out for FREE HUGS!

I love my Ms. Emily!

My carribean loves! Jinaki and Titielle

I really love how these pics came out. I used my SONY BLOGGIE. I am impressed! Outside light looks amazing with this camera...but inside light-not so much. But I still love it!

I mailed out my entry form, my photos and everything in my packet to the Top Photo Stylist Contest for Paul Mitchell Schools today! I love my photos and the experience I had while doing the photoshoot, but I have bigger aspirations and I see where I can improve. So, I am really eager to do more photoshoots and expand on this aspect of hair and makeup. On  a positive note, I can say that this photoshoot wasnt bad for my first one. There is def more to come!

Here is the video that I edited for our Free Hugs Event! Check it out- there are tons of funny moments!

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Quote of the day:
I believe anything is possible. Research into quantum physics proves that a system changes simply by someone observing it. Therefore, all you have to do is be awake and aware of your environment, and that enables you to transform everything around you. It sounds like hocus pocus, but scientists are coming to realize that just thinking about something can make it happen. Turns out maybe faith can move mountains.
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