Laser TagN

My son's 6th birthday was this past monday, but we celebrated it friday night by taking the kids to play laser tag!

On our way over to the laser tag, we saw a rainbow in the distance, I managed to get a shot of it and it brought smiles to our faces!

They have never been and we wanted to do something different than what they are used to. A few friends joined us and had at it.

The only thing I did not like was that they didnt have any child sized vests and they were a lil heavy for my two kiddos who are pretty thing and short. But they were troopers about it! It was about $9 per person for 20 minutes of play time. We went into a big room and it was all painted in black light and flourescent paint. I loved it! I wish it was in my house! Except I would use it to rollerblade around in! hahaha Could you imagine that??

It started out with all of us running around until the kids couldnt handle the heavy vests, Bella couldnt breathe with the fog machines. After taking a small break, she went back out for battle. Matti ended up ditchin his vest (which I held) and he just shot the laser gun at everybody! That didnt last long because then he just took off  with a vest and I stayed in one spot so they could always find me and had to protect myself against the other players. I prolly got shot like 50 times. hahahaha

After wards, Matti got to pick where to eat and he picked Burger King, so we had to oblige. They got lil BK crowns (nice to know they still do that) and we enjoyed our icecream cones too!

The birthday boy eating his cheesey burger

Bella's version of "the claw"
We went to Toys R Us afterwards, which I was shocked to know that it doesnt close until 11 PM on a friday night! We let Matthias pick out a toy and gave him a limit so he can learn about money and budgeting hahaha. He picked out a power ranger, a nerf gun and some other toy I cant even pronounce but apparantly is really cool.

Of course we couldnt leave without the kids riding on one of those mechanical toys that I remember I used to go nuts for when I was young!

We went home only after I had to pry Jermie's fingers off the game with the claw and all the stuffed animals that you try to win. He is actually good at it and won this creepy lookin cat that looks liek a character from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. hahaha

To laser tags and birthday celebrations, your Sweets, Cecilia

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Quote of the day:
The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves
Kahlil Gibran