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New Do and New You

Since I have started at Coucoon Salon, I have just been so busy. I didnt want anyone to think I just dropped off the face of the earth, but I know yall know how it gets. I was getting readjusted to being back at work fulltime and balancing everything else! Bruce went ahead and gave me a new look and I love it. Its been a LONG time since I have had hair that is shorter than my shoulders, but I needed a change. What do you think?

It's already September! Can you believe it??? Where has the year gone? September 1st (Saturday) I celebrated my 29th Birthday! I spent it with family and a few friends, nothing too major. My family surprised me with my favorite Icecream Cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery. They are sooooo delish!

My mom and my Aunt's took me to my Favorite Restaurant, OTANIS Japanese Steakhouse! SOOOOO good! I basically have to starve myself to finish my meal there hahaha.

I am really looking forward to the FALL Season. I am going to be a busy bee with work, Matti's Football, Bella's Soccer, facepainting jobs and a couple of weddings and formal events to go to, just writing about it is already making me exhausted. But I love staying busy, keeps me motivated.

It's Labor Day weekend so I am off to enjoy it. I hope yall do too! Be safe and Dont drink and Drive, if you are in the Virginia Beach area, the Police are in full force! So be careful!

"Wouldn't it be nice if we could never make a mistake? Actually, making mistakes is crucial to living a good life. There is no way to gauge if we have or if we are doing the right things in life, if we have never messed up in our lives. Mistakes are simply part of who we are and what we do as human beings. We have to be able to accept that we make mistakes, and we have to be willing to use every mistake that we have made, and turn it into a positive, instead of not learning from our mistakes, and committing the same ones time and time again. If you didn't have the right to make any mistakes, then you wouldnt have the right to do anything at all because no one is perfect. Don't fear making mistakes, fear not learning from the mistakes you have made."- Search Quotes

The 8th Year

Today, 8 years ago, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Arabella.  I know what I am about to say is cliche and is said alot in regards to children- but I dont care! I cant believe how fast time has flown by. Last year, I remember baking her a topsy turvy cake and decorating it all crazy with candy and fondant!

Arabella is an amazing lil girl who I swear is a mini me. Everyday, she does something that makes me bust out laughing. Her imagination and stories are so creative. She is growing into a fabulous young girl.

This year,we celebrated her birthday throughout the whole weekend. We went to Planet Pizza by the oceanfront which was yummy. None of us had eaten there before, I loved all the images and art on the walls. We played it lowkey and took the kids to the REC center for swimming yesterday. We ordered a strawberry icecream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. Oh and thanks to my friend from work who had shared her birthday Icecream cupcakes with me, I grabbed a 6 pack of those too from Cold Stone. And they were soooo good. Arabella never had an Icecream cake before and she was soooo excited.

To add more fun to the day, my dad treated her to Build-A-bear to add another stuffed animal to the collection. We treated Matthias to getting a new bear too..well, he picked a fox this time. We ate dinner, opened present and she finally got her Easy Bake Oven that she has been begging for.

She baked us so many desserts. Red velvet cupcakes, brownies and icing. We went to Micheals craft store and I bought a few things to decorate her oven with ( and dont worry, I made sure that they wouldnt catch on fire) hahahaha

I am too tired to upload more photos as it is 130am and I have work tomorrow or today I should say. This week is gonna be soooooo busy because some of the team is heading out to the Halloween Expo Trade Show in Houston to prepare and show our new products. I will be helping them all prep even though I will not be going, but will help make sure they all have everything they need!

I will try to blog more about everything else I have been up to. Just been busy! Thanks for stopping by! You dont know how much it means to me that I have so many viewers everyday! Thank you!

<3 Cecilia

Bouncy Houses, hot chocolate and scary masks!

Its a sunday afternoon or I should say evening and I am sitting with my two kids and husband finishing up watching Home Alone. This is the first chance I got all day that I can finally sit and rest!

I took the kids to a friend of mine's daughter's 2nd birthday party that she hosted at The Bounce House. If you dont know what a bounce house is, it is those big inflatable things that kids jump on and slide on and just run into things. Many people usually rent them at their homes in their backyards. or if youre kandee johnson, she puts them in her living room! hahaha (youtube it, its funny!) The Bounce House is where they have like 10 of these things set up and kids are just running around amped up on sugar and wreaking havoc. HAHAHAHA

Bella through the screen of a bounce house

Yummy Ariel Cupcake Cake! SOOOO cute and yummy...see the birthday girls lil hand sneakin some icing. hahaha

After the party, we stayed for an extra half hour and let the kids get tuckered out while I chatted with a friend from school about the kiddos aka Mommy talk. hahaha

Then once we picked up Jermie from work, we wanted to go look at whats in the Halloween Stores because its all of ours favorite holiday besides Christmas! I stocked up on cream costume makeup for upcoming Halloween tutorials! I got alot of inspiration and am ready to go!!! Matti and Jermie got a few fake guns to play with and make noise to drive me crazy!!! hahaha Bella was scared walkin in the store, since she didnt get any toys, we treated her to Skinny Dip.

We made a pit stop at Starbucks where I had to recharge with a cinnamon dulce latte while the kids drank Hot Chocolate. Jermie got his white chocolate mocha-which was a nice way to relax on our drive home.

So, that was my day today, now I am going through emails, and organizing everything I need to do within the next week or two including finishing tattoo drawings and planning my next tutorials for halloween!

cinnnnaaaaammmminy lattes and whipped cream, Cecilia

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Quote of the day:
Starbucks says they are going to start putting religious quotes on cups. The very first one will say, 'Jesus! This cup is expensive!'
Conan O'Brien quotes

Laser TagN

My son's 6th birthday was this past monday, but we celebrated it friday night by taking the kids to play laser tag!

On our way over to the laser tag, we saw a rainbow in the distance, I managed to get a shot of it and it brought smiles to our faces!

They have never been and we wanted to do something different than what they are used to. A few friends joined us and had at it.

The only thing I did not like was that they didnt have any child sized vests and they were a lil heavy for my two kiddos who are pretty thing and short. But they were troopers about it! It was about $9 per person for 20 minutes of play time. We went into a big room and it was all painted in black light and flourescent paint. I loved it! I wish it was in my house! Except I would use it to rollerblade around in! hahaha Could you imagine that??

It started out with all of us running around until the kids couldnt handle the heavy vests, Bella couldnt breathe with the fog machines. After taking a small break, she went back out for battle. Matti ended up ditchin his vest (which I held) and he just shot the laser gun at everybody! That didnt last long because then he just took off  with a vest and I stayed in one spot so they could always find me and had to protect myself against the other players. I prolly got shot like 50 times. hahahaha

After wards, Matti got to pick where to eat and he picked Burger King, so we had to oblige. They got lil BK crowns (nice to know they still do that) and we enjoyed our icecream cones too!

The birthday boy eating his cheesey burger

Bella's version of "the claw"
We went to Toys R Us afterwards, which I was shocked to know that it doesnt close until 11 PM on a friday night! We let Matthias pick out a toy and gave him a limit so he can learn about money and budgeting hahaha. He picked out a power ranger, a nerf gun and some other toy I cant even pronounce but apparantly is really cool.

Of course we couldnt leave without the kids riding on one of those mechanical toys that I remember I used to go nuts for when I was young!

We went home only after I had to pry Jermie's fingers off the game with the claw and all the stuffed animals that you try to win. He is actually good at it and won this creepy lookin cat that looks liek a character from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. hahaha

To laser tags and birthday celebrations, your Sweets, Cecilia

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Quote of the day:
The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves
Kahlil Gibran

3rd week of September

It is going on 2:15 am and I am really sleepy but not ready to go to bed just yet. This week, no month I should say is going by so fast. School has been really busy, new people coming in, others graduating and leaving.  I have ended up decorating alot of "yearbook" posters for everyone to sign. :) Alot if birthdays have been this month too, so lots of parties, and BBQ's and get-togethers and lets not even forget the weird earthquake and hurricane that rolled up on us. man....but I really cant complain.

I have had a guest or two every day this week in my chair by request most of them, which is awesome! It keeps me busy during the day and I would much rather have a guest than to work on my "babydoll head"

Here are just a few pics from the past week or two. I have more pictures of course but for now thats all I can do because I am ready to crash! Tomorrow will be busy day again! Going to take the kids to a birthday party, (picking out a birthday gift for my son too, he is turning 6!), going out to a comedy club later that night, and finding time to do a video, edit and post for my giveaway!

At A friends Birthday Party/BBQ

My friends who have graduated! Soon that will be me!!!

Funny faces with Bella and I!

Matti and I..see our matching wrist tattoos? lol his is temporary of coarse!

It (destiny) is what you have always wanted to accomplish. Everyone, when they are young, knows what their destiny is. At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. They are not afraid to dream, and to yearn for everything they would like to see happen to them in their lives. But, as time passes, a mysterious force begins to convince them that it will be impossible for them to realize their destiny.

 Paulo Coelho quotes

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Pin Up Party

I spent my Labor Day getting ready for my birthday party that I made into a theme party. I found a dress on sale for $10 at Sears and then did my makeup and hair into a pinup style. But of course, I was in such a rush to get ready I forgot to take decent pics of it before I left. So, all I have are dark pics from inside :( so FAIL!
I didnt get a chance to show my makeup from the party, but here is my makeup from earlier in the day when we went shopping for my dress.

My makeup was similar to this except I used more pink and purple and did an exaggerated cat eye-the classic pinup eye!

I didnt think too many people would come because it was on a Monday and school started today for friends with lil ones, but I didnt want to have a party on a friday or saturday because I love spending time with my children, and plus, I wanted all the TOURISTS to go home already (no offense to non-locals) hahaha. But I just wanted to hang out and dance a lil. and I did.

Here are a few pics I managed to snap off a video camera.

Here is my dress I used for the Pin Up Party!

Jackie and I- her outfit was so frickin cute!  We didnt get any good pics of our outfits-it was too dark!

Jermie and I- you cant see my updo- but there are pin curls and a victory roll and of course flower accessories

My cousin Jessica and I with my hubby's hand....weird
The night was nice and wasnt too crowded. I just hung out with a few friends and had a good time.

With everything going on the past week, it felt like my birthday was a WEEK long celebration with the concert and my tattoo and then the party, I feel like I brought in my 28th year in style! I wonder how next year will be. This year is starting out great! It seems it can only get better from here. Good things are to come!

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me through my blog! I appreciate all my readers and hope you subscribe to stay updated on Sweet Surrender Art!

Quote of the day:

"Every story has an end. But in life every ending is just a new beginning."

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Behind the Scenes

Here are a few photos from behind the scenes at the Miss Uproar Beauty event  and Uproar Festival

It was so amazing that I was able to be apart of this, especially since it was my birthday. I dont wanna be a "debbie downer" lol about my birthdays but I have had a few birthdays that werent the best. I feel like I can finally celebrate not only my birthday but my life and happiness. I create my own happiness!

My hubby was able to come along too for the ride and he loved it. We all got in for free and got Pit passes and also scored After party passes as well. Only a few people stayed that late to enjoy the party.

I stayed to watch Seether because I knew my mom would be mad if I didnt stay for their performance. lol Jermie and I caught a few guitar picks that they threw out to the crowd to add to our collection of other concert goodies we have started to collect! I will have to give my mom one of the guitar picks just for her!

I didnt stay for the afterparty because I had an appointment with Gentleman Jim from Blue Horseshoe Tattoo to start my collar bone tattoo chest piece!  Stay tuned for the next post on my tattoo!

Here is a video I edited real quick just a glimpse of some of the excitement that went on behind the scenes in the Backstage area. At the end of the video, there is a surprise serenading for my birthday.
I tried to load to youtube, but it wont :( having technical difficulties) So, hopefully I can just load them to here!

 I will have to find another way to upload this video, my server is actin up as usual. I will keep you updated on it.

Thanks for stopping by! Please subscribe for updates on more from Sweet Surrender!


Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Green Team

Yesterday was sooooo HECTIC! Super Service Day was so busy! I was disappointed that I didnt take any pictures. I was so busy all day, I barely had time to even eat! I had 7 guests total, which is ALOT! I promised the first 5 guests that booked with me would get a surprise. I had painted 5 small canvases and gave them to each of my guests. Check them out:

Lightening Bolt!

A Sunset

Water Lily Flowers

A pretty Vibrant Eye

Anchors Away!

I did a color service, 3 conditioning treatments, and 4 haircuts! Which doesnt seem like alot now that I am writing it, but it seemed like all I was doing was going into the washhouse. It was alot of fun! All the teams were dressed in our proud colors! I was GREEN Team baby! We had our rows all decorated and there was music playing, juice and snacks available. Every hour or so, discounts were given on Paul Mitchell Products.

There were mini competitions too, such as who sold the most products, who had the highest ticket sales, which team had the most services and so on.

I am proud to announce that I sold the most products for the first half of the day! I won two pairs of cutting shears! (which are not cheap!) It was an awesome feeling of acomplishment! Another classmate of mine won shears too for having the largest priced ticket!

Other teams won throughout the day, but I am sorry to say that I was busy, I didnt get to find out what and congratulate everyone! I will say one thing though, I need to get some insoles for my shoes, because I dont know how hair stylists can stay on their feet all day. I came home and could barely walk!

We had a big POW WOW and the GREEN Team won for most take home products and most services done yesterday! We won a pizza party for next week! yay oh yay! I love me some pizza!

I came home yesterday and waiting for me on my bed was a box. I opened it to find a beautiful bouquet of purple orchids sent from 1-800-Flowers. My mom sent them from Korea for my birthday tomorrow. They are so vibrant and smell so good. I have never received an orchid before, so I love them even more!

It is nice to receive flowers especially from my mom. I miss her being all the way in Korea. Without my mom, I wouldnt be here. So- Mom, if you are reading this- I love you so much. Thank you for all that you have taught me and given to me. I cant wait until you are home again!

The flowers that fell I put them in my hair! Which goes nicely with the green I wore for school!

Look how bright the colors are!!!! I love it!

That was my busy busy day yesterday! Alot happened today as well, and tomorrow is going to be amazing! My birthday is tomorrow!!!! so, I may not post tomorrow but I will on friday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Quote of the day:

When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic.

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Pin Up Birthday Theme

i am usually not into celebrating my birthday, but over the years, I have built a fonder appreciation for life due to the events I have been through the past few years, so I feel the need to celebrate not just my birthday, but my life and all the people in it.

I wanna have a birthday party with the theme of Pinup for the girls, guys can be greasers of rockers if they wanna. But I just really wanna dress up in pinup style. Lately when I do my makeup, I always do the classic pinup. In a way, I also want to celebrate my grandmother and my greatgrandmother whom have lived during the 50's and I have always had an obssession with it.

I wish that I could actually have a theme party and everything and go all out, but instead, will have it at a bar that a few of my friends work at down at the oceanfront. It will be fun and interesting, so we will see.

Here are a few pics I found of Pin Up Models that I liked:

Hope it inspires you!

I would post quote of the day, but I am fallin alseep at the keyboard. So, next time, I promise!

Sweet Surrender Art. Beauty. Fashion.

Topsy Turvy Day

Today, our family celebrated the birth of my daughter, Arabella. She turned 7 years old yesterday, but we celebrated today. A few days ago, the kids and I made all the layers of the cake! We made 2 layers of yellow cake, 1 layer of brownie, and then 2 layers of french vanilla! I even attempted to try and make fondant out of marshmellows.....which was fun making, but very sticky and hard to I ended up going to Micheal's and buying the already made fondant in purple, hot pink and white.

Everyone loved the cake, and it was alot of fun making it! Arabella had a good birthday and I am so thankful I was able to spend time with my children. I hope that they will remember all the special times we share together. My mom and I loved it as well, we were able to get a taste of what it would be like to bake these crazy outrageous cakes...because she is possibly thinking about opening up a bakery once she gets back from Korea and she retires from the navy.
The best part of today was just hanging out with the kids, we played Spongebob Squarepants Operation...and Matthias beat us all in both games that we played! I even painted Matthias as a clown! He loved it and so did Jermie! I am hoping the Circus is gonna be coming in the spring because the kids have never been....(random thought I know) and then driving them back to their dad's, they were singing "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga....( I think my kids love her just as much as I do!) lol
well, that was my day, so I will close this up and get back to eating the rest of my piece of leftover topsy turvy cake and dr. pepper and watching Jerseyliscious. hehehehe

Do what you love and the money will follow.