Do you like me hat?

I client of mine whom I met while we attended community college earlier this year, met with me this past weekend for a hair appointment, and she came bearing gifts! A while back she told me that as a hobby she likes to make these cute lil hats. I told her I would love a pink and black one whenever she got around to it. Well, she brought it in and I instantly fell in love with it.

I loved it so much, I put it on right away and wore it the rest of the day and even after I left Paul Mitchell, and even to the gas station ahahahaha, who says I cant be stylish while even pumping gas. hahahahah

My friend who makes these adorable hats, her name is Michelle and she came in to brighten up her hair. She wanted to go full blonde, but I recommended getting a full foil highlight to help brighten up her hair without fully lightening, which would be super damaging to her hair. Check out her transformation


She loved it, as do I! Michelle is very spunky and loves halloween, in fact her and her fiance are getting married on Halloween! She invited me to go and the dress code is "anything goes" and the crazier the better! I am sooo exited. I get the pleasure of also doing her makeup and hair for her BIG DAY! I am jumping for joy for her and her family and friends and I feel honored that she is letting me be apart of it.

I just wanted to share this with you-my Surrendered Family.

And if you like my lil hat, Michelle is considering to make them and sell them for only $15! So, if youre interested, leave a comment and I can pass it along. She can also do whatever colors you like!

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

Three vampires walk into a bar.

The waitress comes up to them and asks them what they'll have. ?

The first vampire says, (Transylvanian accent inferred)
"I'll have a glass of O Positive."

The second vampire says, "I'll have a glass of AB Negative."

The third vampire says, "I'm the designated driver.
I'll just have a glass of plasma."

The waitress turns toward the bartender and yells,

"Gimme two bloods and one blood lite!"

Surrender to Your Inner Artist