With Halloween around the corner, ghouls, ghosts, spirits, goblins, witches are all out and about but lately it just seems like ZOMBIES have been taking over!

Everywhere I look, its just ZOMBIE Fever!

You can find this at ETSY.com

My brother got me hooked on the show, THE WALKING DEAD- and if you havent seen this original series on AMC- you better check it out. I usually dont like cheesy zombie flicks or shows, but this one is pretty good I have to admit! In fact a new episode comes on tonight!

Courtesy of 12ptcourier.com
I found some other pretty cool stuff online too

I love this makeup!

This is a tattoo I came across online thought it was pretty good detail work! It looks awesome and lifelike

Then as I was looking up PAW PALETTES, (check out my blog about it here) and came across a company called INSTANT MONSTERS and thought it was pretty cool. It is a company that makes Hollywood quality prosthetics and makeup supplies. Check out their website if you are into makeup like that, there are even Instructional Videos on how to apply the prosthetics.

They also have a FACEBOOK so check it out and "LIKE" their page!

What do you think about ZOMBIES? Cool? Creepy? Awesome?

Here is one of my favorite songs lately by NATALIA KILLS called "Zombie" I hope you enjoy it!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist

Friends will pull the trigger.
Friends don't let friends become a zombie