HOW Do I Look?

For those of us that are apart of the Kandee Family, you shouldve been glued to the Style Channel for the premier of How Do I Look America's Worst Dressed Woman. I am about a quarter of the way through watching it and I love it!!!

I am soooooo happy and proud of Kandee Johnson for getting this far and making it to a Network Show! She has come from being a simple mommy blog to doing youtube makeup tutorials. I just LOVE her!

I have always liked this show and the host of it, but I didnt pay as much attention to it I have to admit, but watching this show has definetly got me tuned in! I am in love with Jeannie's style and I didnt know that the blue in her hair is her signature look. And you know if you are a regular viewer of Sweet Surrender's then you know I LOVE color!!!!

I am just loving it! Well, I am gonna go so I can finish watching the rest of the show! What is your favorite part so far?

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