Another Thrift Store Haul

It has been a while since I last filmed a Thrift Store Haul, I think the last one was when I had to go get summer clothes.  I have been wanting to get more black clothes..I know I know, sounds boring, but we can only wear black at school and now that it is about to be Autumn and I needed more clothes.

I have been on the search in many stores such as Macy's, Charlotte Russe, Papaya, Forever21 and other stores looking for "boyfriend" blazers. I didnt want blazers that were tailored too tightly or too short, and I wanted pockets and lets just say I tried on alot and none would fit right.

So, I went to the local CHKD that I love to go to that is next door to Jerry's Artorama.  I found 4 or 5 blazers and a couple pairs of pants. See my video below!

I love going to Thrift stores mainly because I like finding things that are unique and different, not to mention it doesnt break my pockets!!!

Do you like to go thrifting? What do you look for when you go? I would love to hear your shopping adventures!

I am working on a few halloween tutorials so stay tuned!

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