Princess for a Day

It has been so busy this week, and I finally got a night to type up some blogs. I really try to blog everyday, but it gets hard when I dont have an ipad or a tablet or even a smart phone hahaha But that is on the bottom on my list of needs/wants for right now.

Last saturday, I participated in Princess for a Day at Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Partner School. We get to dress up in pretty dresses and little girls come in dressed up as princesses and they get their own crown and their hair curled, a mini eyeshadow application, lip gloss and nail polish. I had brought my face paint so if any of them wanted to have something on their cheek I could whip out my paint brush and make them even more glamourous!

We felt like princesses ourselves :)

My daughter finally let me do her hair!

She loves these events!
We are having this event again soon. I believe sometime next month! I dont think I will do it again just so other future pros have a chance to do it. But I had a blast and I am glad all the girls did. I wish they would do a "Super Hero for a Day" so that all the boys have something cool to go to. I could do their facepaint and spike their hair up because I know my son Matthias would love it! When I have my salon/boutique, I will def be having those events for my special little guests :)

Thanks for stopping by my sweets!

My boyfriend calls me princess, but I think of myself more along the lines of monkey and retard.
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