Race for a Cure

This past weekend, our school, Rudy & Kelly Paul Mitchell Partner School participated in the Breast Cancer Race for a Cure Susan G Komen Foundation here in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We all met up at 9am dressed in our school tshirts and joined many other supporters, survivors, family and friends to help support this Foundation.

I know a few survivors that have beat the breast cancer and fortunatly none of my close family or friends has lost their battle to breast cancer. I have, however had family members pass away from other types of cancers such as Lung Cancer and Brain Cancer. Losing someone you love to cancer is hard, because you feel so helpless. But I have learned is no matter what, you keep supporting and loving that person.

There was a survivor that got married on stage in front of the entire crowd to a man she fell madly in love with. All of us witnessed their marriage ceremony, and it was a beautiful one at that!! Her hair and makeup was done by students and staff from my school. It is awesome to be apart of that! We all cried and cheered for her and her new husband.

This was an amazing experience that I am proud to have been apart of it.

Here are some pictures, enjoy

That is a dolphin I managed to snap a quick picture of!!!

The Couple getting married!

This baby was sooo happy and kickin his legs out, it was so adorable!
This walk was for every man, woman and child affected by Breast Cancer.

There is a light in this world, a healing spirit
more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.
We sometime lose sight of this force
when there is suffering, and too much pain.
Then suddenly,
the spirit will emerge
through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call
and answer in extraordinary ways.Mother Teresa

Have you participated in helping to find a cure for any type of cancer? This was my first time doing this type of thing, and I will continue to do this every chance I get.

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