What the Heck is CAPER?

I have been mentioning Caper for a few posts online and I have been getting the question, "What is Caper?"

Caper is an educational experience held for Future Professionals only. Three days of non-stop entertainment, inspirational speaking and amazing education from Paul Mtichell's Advanced Academy Memebers and Global Artistic Team, such as Robert Cromeans, Angus Mitchell and Takashi...just to name a few.

Its a chance for us future pros to learn directly from the top stylists doing haircutting and color and so much more. We get to have fun along the way too, especially at the All White Party I have heard so much about.

But we cannot just buy a ticket and go there, we have to EARN our way to get to Vegas by selling Caper Bags. Each school across the country is provided with certain amounts of bags and we have to sell 40 of the product bags, or 8 of the Tool bags and it pays for our ticket and hotel stay  and airfare to go.

Here are the bags:

Tuesday is our CAPER KICK OFF at school and we are doing a school POT LUCK and we get to wear Caper Colors of product lines. I am making Lumpia and fried rice! Which will be yummy!

I am so determined to go to Caper not just because it is in Vegas, but because this is an awesome opportunity to actually learn from the Pros and have a fun time. I have been offering some of my clients free hair cuts and style if they purchase a bag or two in my name and so I have a few of them ready to be sold on Tuesday!

The bags can be sold through the month of October, but its only until the supplies last, and last year, our school sold out in 6 days! So I have been on my grind to get these bags sold!

Please, anyone that would like to purchase and help me get to CAPER, please contact me at cecilia@sweetsurrenderart.com. Anyone can call up to the school as well as place the order and pay with a credit card to reserve it. If I need to ship it out to anyone, I would gladly ship it to you for free if you are not in the 757 area!

Thanks for stopping by as always, I appreciate every one of you who take the time out to read my lil blog!

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