Winner of Top Photo Stylist Competition

Lucie Doughty

This past weekend, Lucie Doughty (One of the top stylists of Paul Mitchell family!) herself made a phone call to Rudy & Kelly Academy Paul Mitchell Partner School to announce that one of the learning leaders, Ms. Angie Duncan won The Next Top Photo Stylist Competition for the Makeup Category!!!!!! 

Angie Duncan- Learning Leader and winner!!!
News like this travels fast in our school and when I made my way to Ms. Angie to give her congratulatory hugs, she had tears in her eyes and she was just in complete SHOCK. I am so happy for her and proud of her because I remember me and her would always talk about what that would be like to win and to go out to California to do a photo shoot with Lucie.
Myself, Ms. Angie, Ms. Emily and Jak Jak!
Today, Ms. Angie was teaching our makeup specialty class and I really enjoyed her telling us about her struggles in her life and how she strived to always push herself and go for her dreams.

She showed us her "dream Board"and  she described it as having it so detailed and precise that istead of wishing for things to happen, she would type up affirmations of what she wants to happen as if they have already happened. A good example would be that her past dream board, she wrote that she she won the photo shoot with Lucie Doughty and then it really happened!

It is as if she spoke it into existence! After her class today, and exploring what other career opportunities there could be out there for me, I felt so inspired- I think it was the swift kick in my butt that I needed! hahahahaha

I just wanted to share with you all the great news for Ms. Angie, who is also a mentor to me. I am so happy for her and cant wait to see what her photo shoot will be like with Lucie!

And if you want to check Lucie's work out, just google her and see what kind of work she does! Its amazing, here are a few of my favorites from her latest photo shoot

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you stop by again!

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