Creative Business Cards

Business cards. A business card can say so much about you and your business without even saying that much. What I mean by this is that a simple card with even just a number on it, a name or a website can grab the attention of a potential client. Its all in the design and presentation of that card that really captures the imagination and draws curiosity.

In my case and my peers, we are all artists in one shape of form or another, so our artistic side tends to peek its head out and wants to play :)   No one wants a boring business card. I certainly dont. I want to give a card that people want to remember, that they hold onto it and make sure it never gets thrown away or that is destined to hide in the bottom of some purse.

For the past few weeks, I have been doing ALOT of online research, trying to find a design I want to use for my business cards. I had my first batch of cards that came and went and now that I have been doing shoots, shows and other fun stuff, I really wanna UP my game.

Here is part of the design for my first set of cards
It is a bit plain, but it got my point across. I have some great ideas for my next set of cards, I got alot of inspiration from a few of these photos I found of some pretty cool cards. Check these out

I never knew that business cards could be so different and in so many of these cases, the are not cards at all but actual items- coins, puzzles, games, and so much more. They can be made of metal, plastic, rubber, water, leaves or even a stamp and a napkin.

It definetly has the wheels in my head turning along with my photography team. We are planning on designing something awesome to catch the attention of our clients and offer them something truly different- what better to start with that with our cards.

I hope this inspired you to rethink what Your Business card says about you and your business.

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