White Trees and Glitter

Just wanted to take a quick break from things and do a quick status post :) I know it has been going on a week or two since I have had a steady flow of blog posts. I have been super busy trying to organize photoshoots, projects, finish paintings, facesheets, looking for patterns to sew and of course squeezing in time to decorate for Christmas with a tree and do some shopping. Whew!

A small section of our tree. I love it!

I have been getting lots of inspiration from the shops and malls lately, I am noticing how styles are repeating and I am loving it! Check out some of these hats and this faux fur coat while shopping

I tried this on in Stein Mart.

This coat was really warm too!
I had an interview two weeks ago and rocked it out with this cute lil outfit- which I just had to wear my Lita Lookalikes to!

Yea, I took this pic in the bathroom hahaha- I was getting my Business License too!

Got these babies at Charlotte Russe for $49 LOVE!!!! I want more colors!
My makeup was on point that day too!
Alot of girls from my class at school have been graduating too! Time just seems to be going by way too fast!

And my graduation date is lurking ahead soon, on the 21st, and so I have been making my arrangements for when I am done to work on all my artwork and get everything rolling for my Sweet Surrender Art Business. :) NOW its OFFICIAL- since I have my business license. Next is my tax id and then will go from there.

I have recently also joined up with a photographer and a few other stylists and MUA's in my local area and are going to be planning some photoshoots. It has been about a month since my last one, but it has been since september since it was something I WANTED to shoot. hahahaa

Just wanted to give an update and let you know what was going on in my lil world. Thanks for stopping by and see you again in the next post!

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