Geeky Cool Gifts for Artists

I was browsing online different websites, such as and and came across some pretty cool gifts, at least I thought they were cool. hahahaha I just wanted to share with yall, so check em out!

Cute Onesie

Pin Up Artist iphone case

Sketchbook with a spot for drawing tools

Apron for your lil girl artist and her crayons

Foldable Portfolio and Storage for sketchbook

Comic Book Drawing Kit

Ceramic Holder for Paintbrushes

Music + Keeping warm= AWESOME

LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock

Etch-A-Sketch Ipad Case

An Awesome reference Book for Fashion Majors!

A Fashion Sketchbook/Journal

Plug in Software to record for your musician artist!

Cocktails anyone???

I love all these gifts! And each are withing a pretty reasonable price. I still have more Christmas shopping to do and of course I procrastinate about it! I hope you all have your Christmas shopping done already!

Surrender to Your Inner Artist