Super Service Day II

Rudy & Kelly Academy Paul Mitchell hosted its second Super Service Day this past Tuesday.  I have posted about this before, so for those who do not know what it is, Super Service Day is where the whole school takes on a salon atmosphere and the future professionals get a chance to be booked all day with back to back clients. Last SSD was in September or right before September, and I had booked 5 clients and also had 2 walk ins. I had sold the most takehome products for the day and won a set of Paul Mitchell Cutting Shears. (Which is AWESOME, because those babies are expensive!)

This was a photo taken after Super Service Day in September, I had received flowers for my birthday and stuck the fallen petals in my hair. hahahaha

We are all broken down into teams, andonce again I was on the GREEN TEAM. I had prebooked 7 clients and with my friend Hailey's help she assisted in blow drying and sectioning, shampooing. I had to pass off a haircut to her because I did not have time to cut a clients hair. I had two other assistants Josh and Ashley that helped to blowdry and style out my cousin, Jessica. See below

I did about 3 or 4  all over color applications, a Keratin Conditioning treatment, a manicure, blowdry and style. Almost every guest of mine bought products and this morning, they announced that I won for having the most services performed for SSD! Hailey also won for most take home products sold! And we are both on the green team.

Everyone that had a guest that day was able to pick two items out of a big cart full of goodies, and I grabbed some clips ( because you can never have enough) and Modern Elixers Foam, I also won a Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry V2 Dryer, and The Style for a Cause Stylist Pink Pack. I took a quick pic below

I had alot of fun doing the SSD especially since I graduate next week. I just wanted to share this with you on one of the many fun things I do at school!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again!

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