PINTREST Instant Addiction

After finally giving into what everyone was telling me: "Like, dude!!!! You need to get on Pintrest", or "I love PINTREST, I am soooo addicted", or "I pinned all these cool things on my wall". It peeked my interest and finally got an invite (because its invite only to be able to log in on it) from my friend.

As soon as I got on it, I just couldnt stop. Everything is divided up into categories, and you can browse what other users are "pinning" onto their digital bulletin board. Its kind of like a collage of different items and if youre looking for cool DIY ideas, or decorating ideas, or anything, its a cool site to find some interesting stuff.

The coolest part I like is that if youre browsing around online, or shopping online, you can "pin" whatever your looking at to your board and share it with others and you can follow other peoples boards and what they post.

You have to have an  invite to be able to login, but anyone with an account can send an invite! So, if youre reading, and want an invite, you can leave a comment below with your email address and I would be happy to send you an invite so you can get addicted too! hahaha

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