Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone of you that came to visit me here! My Christmas was awesome, I am so thankful for my family, my husband and our children. A couple years ago, I spent Christmas renting a room in a basement in Colorado and wishing I was back home. Last year, I came back and felt so blessed to be home. This year is the same, except that my mom is still in Korea. I had to take her place as the host, I mean the Hostess.

Last year, Snow paid us a surprise visit..luckily no Snow this year... I hate snow
Everyone came over last night for Christmas Eve, all my cousins and Aunts, and even invited a few friends over that didnt have families in the area. I made lumpia, fried rice, a crumbcake, set up a chocolate fondue for yummy dipping chocolate fun. Then everyone brought something, usually appetizers on Christmas Eve. There was Asian Spicy chicken wings, monkey meat ( just a funny name for beef teriyaki), chicken enchiladas, and I honestly dont remember what else. hahaha

I was so busy cooking and running around, I didnt even have time to put on makeup.

The kids stayed busy coloring while I ran around the house. Drawing gingerbreadmen in my various sketchbooks.

We all exchanged presents among the family, then after cleaning, kiddos went to bed. And woke up really early of course, and tore into presents, and it was over in 6 minutes. I have a video I am editing today and will post inthe next day or two of the kiddos and what we all got in case anyone wants to see :)

Matti with all his christmas card money and chore money...he said "I'm riccchhhh!"
coloring one of Bella's presents! I had more fun doing it than her
Bella and her lifesize paper dolls and Panda Pillow pet and scarf She loved it
Matti with his uncle jeffrey
We just finished eating some ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and rolls. yum!!!!!!!  Here are a few photos of the kiddos from today! I hope yall had a blessed holiday and thanks for stopping by!!!

Merry christmas!

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