Younger Generation

Last week I was in Joanne's Fabric Store browsing through pattern books, looking for inspiration when a woman and her daughter came and sat down across from me. The mother anxiously trying to help her daughter find a pattern for a pencil skirt, while the teenage daughter rolls her eyes and says "No" at every design the mother picks.

This reminds me of me and my mother long ago. I smile to myself as I sip on my coffee and flip to another page in the book. I start a conversation with the girl and mother asking how old she is and what she likes to do. She has a sketchpad and a drawing of a girl and an outfit. She wants to be a fashion designer.

My heart fills up with joy and happiness to see the younger generation that I once belonged to follow in the steps of other artists and designers. I think its a rare thing indeed to see someone 12 or 11 years with a passion involved in the art of sewing. Some say Sewing is a lost or dead art. I would love to punch that person in the face, whoever said that. Say that to people in the fashion industry. Say that to the students at FIDM, to the designers of fashion week and Project Runway.

Ok, going off on a tangent, sorry. I just wanted to write about this and to go back to the girl and her mother, I helped them pick out a pattern of a pencil skirt and told the young girl, "Dont ever give up on your passion, you can do it".

I know that her mom has prolly said that a million times to her, but you know when were younger, we dont believe anything our parents tell us. Sometimes when we hear it from someone else, we are more than likely gonna remember it, or think about it a lil harder. Thats exactly how I was and still am sometimes.

I finished snapping some pics of patterns that gave me inspiration and of some patterns I want to add to and I left to finish out my night. But Talking with those two lovely ladies, reminded me of the simple joy of sewing and the traditions of my family that has been passed down from beyond my great grandmother. I hope to pass this along to my daughter too.

I just wanted to share this with you of one of my FIRST PASSION, one of many.

Surrender to Your Inner Artist