Facebook Timeline

A friend of mine told me to check out a new developement by Facebook called the Facebook Timeline. I said "The whaaaaaaaaaa???? What is that???" He posted a link which you can go to below to read the articles and see a few videos made on it and why you might want to get one.


For personal use, this would be really cool to see how you have changed or your family. To see how you went from a young adult through college, through relationships, accomplishments, and you see where I am going from there. Some reviews I read on it by other users was that while it was fun for personal use, it was even better for business use. Businesses can broadcast through their timeline their products or services, or in my case as an artist, I can post different events or projects I am involved in. I can show off sketches that I design clothing and post the process of bringing the sketch to life from paper to production to finished product. I can see the advantages of this tool.

This timeline app is not advertised as much for public use, but if you want to see how it is, or if you are interested, the link above will give you directions on how to get on this timeline train.

I have not yet taken the steps to get one of these apps, but will def think about it in the future!

Just wanted to share this with fellow readers! Good luck!

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