80's Flashback

Who doesnt like dressing up and taking a trip back into time? The 80's were known for so many things, music, fashion, movies and so much more. Some say they were the best of times and I agree! I was born in 83' so I have alot of fond memories in my childhood growing up in the 80's. I wore my legwarmers and neon colored tights to my dance classes. I rocked out to the music along with my mom and my 2 aunts. I loved it, especially the hair and makeup. The 80's still serve as inspiration to many people including designers and artists.

me and jak jak gettin ready!

My friend Jackie and I were invited to go to a birthday celebration of a friend of ours where an 80's tribute band, The Legwarmers were playing. We got all decked out in our colored tights and chucks and bright colors and we got there and it was sold out. I WAS SOOOOOO BUMMED. I really needed a night out to let loose and have fun and be completely silly. Not wanting to waste the night,. we met up with a few of my friends and just kinda hung out.

So colorful and bright!

We felt a lil silly because we were the only ones in 80's attire- but we didnt care! We didnt stay out too long, because we were back home by 1230am. Were definetly getting old! LOL

silly face

I love 80's parties! I called up my cousin, Jessica to find out when our local tribute band, The Deloreans will be playing, and they will be playing this friday! I cant wait! I have gone to 80's parties before, last year we went and saw the Deloreans play. Here are some photos from that night!

My hubby bunny and I!

my cousins and I!

the girls!
Friday were going to go out again all 80's! I cant wait! I hope you enjoyed this mini flashback!

Do you and the girls go out and get 80'sed out? Well, if you dont, you should!

Thanks for stopping by and Ill see  you in the next post! You can check out Jackie's blog too here