Passionate Hair

Even with my busy schedule, I still find time to take my hair clients that have decided to follow me out of school. I love it that I can do everything that I love and that I am passionate about: Hair, makeup, and fashion. I love it even more when my clients are brave enough to let me do something out of the box. If you cant tell by now, I love color! I am a big fan of bright colors! One of my regular clients, Jackie let me do a hot pink/indigo mix on her hair last night.

I cant seem to ever remember to take before and after pics when working, so she took these photos when she got home and sent them to me. I had fun doing this on her hair. With her previous colors, the bright colors did their own thing and created a beautiful ombre'd mixture. Once I blowdried and styled her hair, I was really happy with the results and so was Jackie!

I must say that I have come to love this industry and not because I get to have fun with color and makeup all day, But I am in love with the transformation of hair and makeup does to a person. I have seen energies change completely and not just from a beauty service, but the relationship that develops between a client and a stylist/artist.

I love all my clients and I hope they all know that! I cant wait until I have my studio set up and I can have my clients enjoy all the services that it will offer! I just wanted to share this fun color with all my readers!