Hello Kitty POP Inspired Makeup

One of my best friends, Jackie and her boyfriend bought me these awesome, loud, bright, fun pair of Hello Kitty Vans. I was inspired by these shoes to make a fun eyeshadown placement.

Here is a closeup on the eyeballs!

  I am in love with these and they are mucho comfy! :) Here is a picture of the shoes!

Do you like my makeup here? I filmed another tutorial  showing how to do this so I will post this either tomorrow or thursday :)

I filmed this tutorial on Christmas Day, and I finally got a day off to actually edit it. As one of my UNOFFICIAL New Years Resolutions, I wanted to start filming more makeup tutorials and hosting giveaways. This blog has become more to me than just a blog, its become my secret world (even though its public for the world to see) hahaha Its cool to be able to connect with other readers and post things that interest you. I can express myself in a personal and creative way. ok, ok, Im getting all sappy.

But I wanna say thank you to yall who stop by on my lil page. Its helped me alot in my confidence in my skill and my craft. SO THANK YOU! ok- onto my tutorial! ENJOY! Dont forget to subscribe to my channel!



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