Underwater Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, at a meet and greet, I met a local photographer Dana Chapman and just last week, I was able to do some makeup for him during one of his Underwater Photoshoots with a model by the name of Nicole Lousie Roesh.  I was so excited to work on this photoshoot, I have never seen anything like it and I just fell in love with this type of photography. It is truly unique.

Oh and BTW, I only did the makeup for Nicole- not the other models!
I encourage you to explore his portfolio, I have included links to all his pages as well. He is in the local Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area and if you are interested in doing this type of photography, contact him! And if you need a MUA (Makeup Artist) who specializes in Underwater photography, you know where to find one :)

Model Nicole Lousie Roesh
Model Nicole Lousie Roesh
Model Nicole Louise Roesh
Here are a few other photos of Dana's Work that I thought were pretty amazing and they are my favs!

Model Tara Lynn
Model Tara Lynn

Where you can find Dana Chapman:

Photographer Dana Chapman


Some of the models you can click on their names and should take you to their FB pages!  

Nicole Lousie Roesh:

I hope this inspired you to think outside the box with your next photoshoot! I am actually going to be doing another photoshoot next week for Xotic Eyes with Dana doing another photoshoot, So be on the lookout! Thanks for stopping by!  

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