It may seem Random

Lately whenever I am out and about window shopping or trying to get some inspiration, I get lazy. Instead of taking out my lil notepad and pen to write stuff down that I see. I have been taking pics on my phone. Ill see a bag or a pair of shoes or something at whatever store I am in and I always forget about it. I take a pic thinking I will remind myself to go back to get it or order it, and I never do. I finally went through my folder of pics and decided to share my pics. In what would seems like total randomness to a complete stranger, to me, it is a shopping list. hahaha

A cool hairstyle I saw in a book or magazine
me spinning..or at least attempting to look like I know what I am doing
A cute fashion book I stumbled across at Justice
This jewelry armoire I want from TJ Maxx

Am I the only one who does this? I just think taking pics is so much more easier than writing it down, sinply because I am a more visual type of person. And although I have a photographic memory, since I have been busy and a lil sleep deprived, I have been having a harder time remembering what it is I wanted.

Soooooooooo getting this!!! Found at TJ MAXX
Thought this was awesome, I found a magazine titled the same name as my daughter, Arabella
A pair of pants I wanna make!!!
An organizer cart saved from my Joanne Fabric AP
Set of bags I spied at Charming Charlies. I am in love!!!
My makeup all set up for a photoshoot last week
Above and below pic: a Nook Cover my friend made for her nook. Isnt this cute??? I am trying to get her to sell them on Etsy!

I feel like I am rambling on. Then again it is  after midnight as I type this. I am wiped out from photoshoots today! We shot our Burlesque Line for Xotic Eyes, and our new mermaid line doing an underwater photoshoot. I actually got in the water and helped and it is alot harder than someone would think. My body hurts and I am wiped out.

Hope you enjoyed some random pics from my phone. Dont forget to check out the blogging party! Click on the banner in the top right corner for more info!

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