Staying Dry

I wish I could post some of the images from the underwater photoshoot we had with Xotic Eyes, but I cant get those proofs, but I do have this one image of our two models having a lil too much fun on set.

I have been collaborating on many shoots with Dana lately which I am loving. Its nice to find a photographer that you work well with. :) I get along with most people in general, but you know, Im still thankful I work with some cool people.

I didnt of course, get a chance to shoot a quick behind the scenes photo of my first model, Maggie, whose boyfriend, Chris, I knew from like 12 years ago growing up. Its such a small world sometimes. Here is a quick snapshot she wanted me to take of the two them while taking a break from shooting. They are so cute!

My second model, Krystal came in, and Dana wanted to do a more Avant Garde look with bright colors such as blue, yellow and green. Weeks ago I bought the Maybelline 24 hour tattoo eyeshadows for my first shoot with Dana, and since then I bought all the colors that they made. They work so perfect. Here are a few behind the scenes of Krystal's makeup (taken courtesy of my friend, Jackie, who came along to see what type of makeup I use so she can do these fun shoots too)

Using Maybelline 14 hour lipstick

Using Sinful Lip Gloss I got on sale from Walgreens for a dollar!

The finished look before getting underwater.

Lately I have been maing funny faces whenever a camera is near me on shoots. hahaha I get so awkward when I am in front of a camera....except when I am at home and pretending to be cute and sexy. hahahah

Thanks to Jackie for taking these pics and posting them so I can actually use them. Jackie just recently started a blog and a youtube channel. Swing by her page and say hello! Follow this link here

Thanks for stopping by! I want to write more, but I am wiped out and I have a full day of work tomorrow. :) Nighty Nighty my Sweet Surrender Family!