Addiction In Many Forms

I want to dedicate this post to something more serious than usual. ADDICTION.

Some of us have people in our lives who suffer from addiction,anxiety, depression or other serious conditions. These are people that we know and love or it could even be you who is suffering. Anyone suffering from these conditions and do not seek help are often scared, sad, lonely, angry and afraid. Most of the time, they suffer in silence which makes it harder to get them the help they need. It affects everyone especially in a family. I have been on both sides of this conflict, and I want to write to you to let you know that you are not alone.

I come from a family that has a history of depression and alcoholism. In the past I have gone through my periods of severe depression, from childhood, to post partum, to post traumatic to chronic depression. I have had my thoughts of suicide in the past.  For many years I kept this pain to myself. I was afraid, I felt ashamed, like no one would understand what I was feeling.

 Why I kept it to myself for so long, I will never know. But the second I let my guard down and let my family and the ones I love in, and got the help I needed, my life has been 100 million times better. If it wasnt for my family, friends and especially my husband, I wouldnt be here right now typing this and sharing it with you.

If you have someone you know who is suffering, my advice to you is keep holding on, let them know that you love them, and care for them. There are places to get help. Its hard to see the ones you love slipping from reality. Its so hard to love them whether it be yourself, your mom, your dad, brother, sister, cousin, spouse...the list can go on, and give them the support they need.

I have been through alot in my short 28 years, and have been on both sides.I have been the one with depression and I am in a family with several members who are suffering NOW. in the past, I have made plenty of mistakes. I am not trying to be self righteous, or judgemental by any means, I just want to share my experience. Fortunately, I have learned from my mistakes by getting the help I needed. I only hope that from my mistakes, others learn from them. I have a big heart and always want to help people or point them in the right direction. I hate to see the ones I love make the wrong decisions or waste their life away, especially when they have their whole life in front of them.

It hurts me to see those I love fall off their path. One careless mistake can change your life FOREVER. I know this from experience. I would hope that my past could help someone else in their future and help them make the right decisions. But Addiction and depression clouds a persons better judgements. They choose to go down the wrong path. All I can do is try, try to help them  even though they dont listen, they are stubborn and careless. They dont see the bigger picture.

Life is too short to give into this life, too short to be depressed or angry. There is help - all you have to do is let go of all your fears and let someone in. There are more people who understand than you think.

Thanks for reading...I just had to share this and hope the ones I love and who are suffering it read it and make better choices. I only get upset because I care and love you, if I didnt would never know that you are loved. Life is out there waiting for you to live it.