Clouds Clearing

The past few posts have had a couple moodswings....if you couldnt tell, but of course, I am human and thats the way I release my energy, I blog about it and in a way it helps me feel better. But like thunderstorms, the clouds clear and the sun comes out and a new day begins, along with the rest of those moodswings and bad energies.

I have to admit, Ive been in a bit of a funk or artists block and I feel like Ive dwelled on it long enough, and now its time to get back into it. I have too much I want to accomplish to lose anymore time wasting it.

Its time to draw more inspiration that I have been hoarding on my desktop whenever I am surfing online and find stuff that I like. I hope it inspires you!

Makeup by Megan Martinez Chaos Cosmetics
Makeup by Megan Martinez Chaos Cosmetics
It seems random, but My desktop is. This is just from the past few days of saving images that I like.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon!