Crushin on Birdman

I have been glued to my DVR watching INK MASTERS (and attempting to do some ab workout while watching), I was pleasantly surprised to see that this weeks judge was none other than Denver Nuggets Chris "Birdman" Anderson. I forgot how much I have a crush on this man. hahahaha I dont know if its the tattoos or the fact that he is a pro athlete and is super tall, or that my husband resembles him. And my husband is from Denver, the "303" which if course is tatted on the Birdman. oh I am bad.

Now, I am not really into sports, but I remember sometime last year I caught a glimpse of him playing and I was like "WHO IS THAT????" Immediate fan. He is very interesting to watch play basketball. I would def go to one of his games. hahaha

His tattoos are amazing. I love that he is not afraid of color. The vibrancy of his tattoos just make them pop off his skin. I swear, if my husband was fully tatted up like this, they would look identical...except for the fact that Birdman is sooooooo tall. My husband is 6 ft. Heheheh I love him, but I told him Birdman is sexy. hahaha Do you guys think my husband resembles?

I am a geek I know, and Im sorry you have to indulge with me on my man crush. hahahah

Just thought I would share whats been on my brain.Thanks for stopping by! See  you on the next post