Vday Blog Swap

I participated in a blogger swap, and I cant find the blogger or her page who actually hosted it (bummer) for Valentines Day. There were different spending amounts you could sign up for or ask for a blogger in a different country, but I wasnt picky so I signed up for the $20 spending limit.

I got a lovely package from Kelli, who is a Mary Kay rep, she isnt an active blogger but wanted to participated. So I made  a quick lil 5 min video

I got a girl in Sweden, you can check out her blog here. Although you may need to translate it to read it! I sent her package late to her only because I couldnt understand how to read her address because they use a different order over there. So I hope you enjoy!

And yes thats my son in the background watching Superman!!!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon