The Silver Lining

As an artist, makeup artist, hairstylist, you should know I love COLOR! I posted a timeline of my hair and what colors I have had last year. I have had this current style for a few months now and Im ready for a new change in my hair. I have been scoping the internet for inspiration on what I want to do. From google ro Pintrest I have found some photos I love!

So of course, I wanna share with you what inspires me. I am waiting for my kids to get ready and dressed so we can go out and I can go to the hair supply store. Matthias wants to paint pottery today, but thats a bit too expensive right now, so were gonna go to Micheals in a bit and get some fun things to paint.

I have some sketching to do later for a Vegas Theme prop I am doing. I have to figure out also what the best material will be to make it because I am thinking plywood will be too heavy. I dunno yet. But thats later, so let me share these photos and I am pretty sure you can guess what color I am leaning towards more. hahaha

I love this hair cut

Of course I am gonna put my own spin on this. I have someone that is going to do this for me (hopefully if everything works out the way its supposed to) if not, Ill prolly get too impatient and do it myself. Ill make sure to take before and after pics and share!

I am off to help the kiddos get ready and maybe we will go by the beach and get some icecream on this nice day. I hope you have a gorgeous day too!

So do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.
Though we are never promised tomorrow, and though we should always make an effort to go for our dreams and to have plans for tomorrow, we must never worry about tomorrow so much that we forget about today.

Today is the day that we can make tomorrow greater. In an effort to live the best life we can possibly live we have to put all of ourselves into every single day, and every step that we take in life so that we may be able to make the best future for ourselves.

The rest of our lives dont start tomorrow, the rest of our lives start today. The person that you are today may have come from who you were before, and the person you are today will be influential in who you are tomorrow as well. So be the best person that you can possibly be today, take risks, live courageously, work hard and love with everything inside of you.