Almost April

As always, the months keep flying by so quickly and alot has been happening. So once again, a new update. I keep saying I want to blog more, but life keeps happening, but I am gonna hunker down and just do it. I will try to blog every day, its going to be a personal goal of mine.

The biggest updates I have is that the cosmetology school I attended held a graduation ceremony for all those students who graduated from December to March. This included myself and most of my classmates. It was a really nice colorful ceremony and I can tell the students and staff went all out to make it special for us graduates! We even had "Oscar" awards that were golden mannequin heads! I received one for "Best Hugs" hahahaha I always hugged everyone because it puts a smile on everyones face. I mean, who doesnt want a hug???

Since I work at Xotic Eyes, of course I had to rock one of our designs to add some fun to my makeup look.

Xoticeyes in "DIVA"

It was good to see my classmates and other students that I havent seen in a while. I made some best friends while attending Rudy & Kelly Academy. It made me miss my Paul Mitchell Family so much.

Mr. Rudy handing me my graduation certificate! (Dress and shoes from Charlotte Russe)
My husband AKA my camera paparazzi took pictures for me! I was so proud to have him there supporting me while I attended school!

Jermie and I
some of my classmates and Ms. Jeanie

Jinaki, Rock and myself!
Me, Jak Jak and Liz
My Terry and I! She made the Deans List- first ever for our school. I am so stinkin proud of her! You go Terry!

With teh amazing Ms. Karen! I love her so much!
I wanted to share this moment with everyone! The program at Paul Mitchell is almost a year long and I was really apprehensive about even attending hair school, but it turned out to be the most amazing experience of my life! It was the first time I graduated and completed any type of school, even though I attended 3 colleges prior, I was never able to complete any degrees and I am so proud to have finished this program!

It has opened more doors for me than I can count and I have met some lifelong friends that I will always be in touch with. I hope you enjoyed "attending" with me! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!

Dr. Suess