Hawaiian Paradise

One of my friends from Paul Mitchell Academy contacted me to draw up a tattoo design with a pair of shears and flowers. Hawaiian flowers. As I was pulling up reference photos for the flowers, I was secretly wishing I really was in Hawaii using real flowers as a reference instead of my computer screen.

I have only been to Hawaii once when visiting my best friend in 2007 and I had so much fun. Just bear with me as I go down memory lane. hahaha

With each new drawing, I try to improve my skills in sketching, my line work and of course my shading. Shading makes all the difference in the world, especially in tattoos. I cant wait for me to apprentice.

Here is a sketch I rendered for my friend. I am going to make a few ad, as this was just the first draft of ideas. But tell me what you think

I am going to draw up something a lil different for the next drawing. Tweaking it as I like to call it.

Just wanted to share this with yall and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by!

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