Back from Korea

My mom just got back last week from a year tour in Korea (she is a Chief in the US Navy), so that is one reason I havent been online lately so I can spend time with her! It is so good to have mom back home. Here are a few pictures of my mother, my brother and myself. We have more pictures, but have to get them from her camera hahaha. We grilled out a few burgers and enjoyed the nice spring weather that we have been lucky to have lately.

I also took a few pics of the blooming flowers in the backyard. Its nice to see the grass turning greener and the trees and flowers with their buds blooming. *Cheesy moment* haha

My mom treated herself to a new present, what better to buy than a new car. She has always loved sportscars so she got this baby!

Man, makes me wanna go back to the military and go overseas so I can treat myself. hahaha

Im off to work on a project for a hair show, which I will write about in the next post!

See you soon!