Art Supplies from Home Depot

I love Home Depot. I am not a "handy" person or can build anything or fix anything. I mean I have common sense....I can hang pictures on my wall, or hmmmmm, um er.....I think thats all I can do. hahaha I would actually love to be able to build things around the house. I have always wanted to help out in building a house or make furniture. The closest thing I got to making was helping my grandpa build a lil stand to sell sodas and handmade yarn bracelets. hahahaha Or making a wooden floor for a tent in Iraq. That sums up my Handy-ness.

I love going to Home Depot for inspiration and ideas. I love the garden section although I dont really enjoy working a garden. haha I made a trip recently to pick up supplies for an art project I have been working on for a lil bit. Here is a lil peek into my shopping cart:

Spray Paint, foam brushes, Latex primer, foam rollers and a paint pan. You can see my rough sketch of what I am working on. I also got some plywood, when I took this picture, I was having the plywood cut. 

The weather was nice enough and I was able to prime the wood with 2 coats of primer. I outlined my artwork and gonna start painting tonight. I have some long hours ahead of me.

Just wanted to share one of the many projects I am working on.  I will take pictures when it is all done and of course share them!

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