Grab MY Button

While recovering today, I decided I needed to tweak my blog and put some more lovin' into it. Many bloggers that I follow or read have buttons on their pages. I wanted to get one for my page so anyone could link me to their blog or whatever they wanted to use it for.

It took me a while to find a tutorial that I understood. I am not a coder or a computer whiz. I mean, I get by with what I know. I wish I wouldve finished my graphic design degree then I would know ALOT more. hahaha  Here is a link of the tutorial I found the best to describe how to make a button.

I found this site and instructions super easy. I ended up setting up a FLICKR so I can have another site host besides Blogger, which I think goes through Picasa? I cant remember. It took me awhile to understand some of it, but I  think because her examples were color-coded, it helped alot because I am more of a visual learner!

The photo-editing software I use is Corel Paint Shop Pro, since I cannot afford Photoshop, this is almost next to best and I find it easier to use than Photoshop. Its been awhile since I used PS anyways since 2009 when I attended The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. Man, I miss that school!

Here is the button I created for my blog. What do you think? Not bad huh? And if you are looking for cool, FREE Fonts, I got mine at They are easy to download, all you do is unzip the file, then copy and paste it into your fonts and use it in your editing software!

Sweet Surrender Art

And Max California, if you are reading this, I totally was inspired by you to make a button for my page and I put one up for your page for my readers too! Thanks for being supportive with what I am going through! If you are a creative person and love to do DIY projects, check out her page! She is awesome!

I hope this helped you or anyone else reading this on how to make a grab button for your blog! I had fun making this for mine! Feel free to grab and share!