Wiggin Out

Wiggin Out Yellow
I went back to work this past friday. Im doing better, but I have to take motrin for the pain. My body is recovering, still achey and my hormones are all out of wack. But it was good to go back even though it is for one day. (Im off on the weekends) Friday are a lil low key, not all employees work on Friday, so I didnt feel so overwhelmed. 

When I walked in, almost everyone was wearing Wigs! I found out it was "Wiggin Out Friday". So, to join in the fun, I grabbed a few wigs and snapped a few pics! haha

Wiggin Out Alien

Wiggin Out 2

I think I love the blue and green bob wig! It was less hot to wear than the other wigs I had on. hahaha

Wiggin Out I also worked on customizing 18 pairs of heels! Yes! 18 pairs! It takes a lil while, so of course I am doing one at a time. Here is the first set of shoes I did for a client. They were alot of fun to make! Purple and black rhinestones with black and purple feathers.

Im working on the next set of heels this week, it is American Flag inspired. Perfect for 4th Of July coming soon in the next few months.

At Xotic Eyes, we are starting to do more custom work. In the works now are plans for "Glitter and Rhinestone" Parties where you and your family or friends can come in and customize something whether its a pair of shoes, wine bottles, picture frames or whatever your hearts desire that isnt too monstrously big. haha I cant wait to do one, I know the kiddos would love it! What do you think? Would you want to do something cool like that? Leave a comment below!