Im SEW in Love

A few months back, I blogged about the Singer 160th Anniversary Sewing Machine and how awesome it is. It resembles the vintage black and gold sewing machine but it completly digital and electronic.
(see my original post here)

I came home and didnt even notice a package in the front room until my husband called me downstairs. My hubby was in on the surprise with my dad, I had no idea that he got me this sewing machine! I dont know if it was my pregnancy hormones or my state of shock, but I started crying tears of joy when I saw this box sitting there. 

I havent used it yet, surprisenly, I opened it up and pulled everything out, but with everything going on, I am waiting till things quiet down so I can enjoy it. Arabella was more excited I think to see it, she wants to learn how to sew, and now with another baby on the way, she wants to learn to make baby blankets. How cute!!!

I am thinking about doing some DIY projects on here using my new sewing machine ( which I need to name) hahahaha.

Do you geek out over sewing machines too, or am I the only one?????