Family ZOO Time

Saturday afternoon the kids and I took Jermie to the airport, right now he is out in Arizona visiting his Dad, brother and the rest of his family he hasnt seen in a long time. He's only be gone for two weeks, but I miss him already. haha ok ok, enough lovey sappy-ness.

After the airport, the kids and I decided to take a trip to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. The kids recently went on a field trip there and wanted to take me. I havent been there since I nine years old I think. I barely remember it. It was nice to take advantage of the weather because now its rainy and cold!

Im only 6 weeks preggos and Im already showing!
I didnt realize how BIG the zoo was, we did a lot of walking around and I wish I had worn shorts, but I cant fit in any of them!

We saw all sorts of reptiles, birds, lions, giraffes, tigers and all sorts of other animals! We walked and explored gardens and took a train ride around the zoo. The kids were so excited for the train ride.

Arabella and her hat she just had to have from JCPenny's!
I am so thankful I brought my water bottle, I kept having to take lil breaks! We had icecream too which was sooooo yummy!

We wished Jermie couldve been there with us, but he will have to catch the next family outing when he gets back!

This lil momma needs to go to bed, I am going in for my check up and get everything set up with the doctors for this pregnancy!

Giraffes and Ostritches,  your Cecilia Marie XOXOX