Workin Hard for the Money

Ive been busy what seems like everyday. I am soooooo tired, but it feels good knowing that I am creating art in different ways. Hair, makeup, paintings and custom clothing and I get to do it as my job! How cool is that?

Here are a few things from XOTIC EYES I got to have fun with this week. What do you think?

customizing these shoes!

Mermaid Bra! Look how sparkly it is!
these are a few eggs I painted for Easter- just wanted to share it hahaha
I also finished up these paintings for a project. These took alot more work than I thought they would. They were the BIGGEST canvases I have ever painted. I didnt even start painting until about 2 years ago. My husband even helped me do some painting and finishing touches.

I have also started learning to tattoo through a local artist, which is soooo exciting for me. I love it! I cannot wait until I can practice! hahaha

Besides all of this, I am contemplating YET AGAIN what color to do my hair.......I will post my inspiration pictures in the next post and my new color I go with tomorrow. Stay Tuned and stay creative!

I'm amazed when I see these little 8 year old kids with iPhones. You know what I had when I was 8? Imagination.