What color now?

As promised, I wanted to share with yall a few images that has inspired me in my next hair color ( that I am in the middle of bleaching right now).  I have noticed that since I did my last pink/purple/blue colors that the trend started popping up especially in the ombre'd look, which I adore. But I never keep one color that long...so onto the next color in the spectrum!

I decided to do an all over color instead of doing an arrangement of colors, plus it is easier to maintain and keep bright by just adding the color to my shampoo and conditioner. When I have more than one color, it makes it harder for me to do that. I usually let it fade out until its so gross I just wanna chop it off.

I found all these pictures on Pintrest...my latest obssession. Tell me what You think? I cant wait to see what my hair turns out to be!

Ive always done lil hints of purple when I color my hair, but never just full blown purple, or should I say Lavender.

I decided to use a different brand this time besides the Joico colors I used before, which I recently read were used in coloring the cast of The Capital people in The Hunger Games! Ill write more on that tomorrow. But for now, I need to go rinse my hair out and finish my hair so I can go to sleep! Ill post more tomorrow!