Random Window Shopping

Before I accidentally deleted all the photos off my phone, thankfully I saved them onto my computer. So, I bring to you random pictures bout and see things I want and fight against deepest urges not to buy because my husband would kill me for spending money like crazy. hahaha so this is me window shopping, along with actual shopping.

A purple toaster from Target!
ok, we actually bought these, Matthias loves white hot chocolate from starbucks, but this is something we can make at house.
Arabella loves these with the colored marshmellows
Barnes and Nobles...I spied a magazine I wanna get but this baby is $15..so this will wait till next time
check out this magazine! I wish this was around when I was younger! A girls magazine for up and coming fashion designers. They are startin at a young age!
Look at these yummy tacos! I love this magazine!
Look at all these cute stationary and office supplies. (I know Im a nerd) I saw these at "Tuesday Morning"
Storage boxes! Also at Tuesday Morning
I want this adorable cake stand!
 And my absolute favorite thing that I found shoved into the back of the shelf......a jar that looks like an old school candy dispenser! I am definetly getting that on my next payday. hahahaha

My hubby and I are waiting for our application to go through for a new place. I am hoping we get approved. So, I have been eyeballing new things I want to get for our place. I am super excited. Its a two bedroom place, hardwood floors, a fenced in backyard, and lots of good light! so Keep your fingers crossed for us and I hoped you enjoyed window shopping with me!

Do you do this too with your phone? Take pics of stuff you see that you hope to later go get? or am I the only crazy one in a store taking pics?