Slightly Obsessed Street Artist SOSA

Here in the local Virginia Beach scene, there are many what I call underground artists. I came across this "Slightly Obsessed Street Artist" otherwise know as S.O.S.A online months ago and have seen his art floating around here and there. While at the Tattoo Expo in Hampton I recognized his work and then we were able to actually meet in person. We correspond online occasionally, but I was lurking around and saw this on his page and fell in LOVE!!!!

I love Marilyn Monroe, I just admire her and her life, her struggles and her strength. SOSA made a few variations of her and I plan on purchasing this one above. I just love the vivid colors and how expressive it is. I wanna hang this in my living room!

With his permission, I wanted to share his art because I think its amazing. I have always admired street artists and their ability to create such masterpieces with a spray can.

Here are a few other pieces I love too!

Here is a link to his FACEBOOK, please go and check his work out. I think he is also up to do custom work I am sure, and he has several Marilyn Monroe paintings if you wanna get your hands on one! I know I am getting one!