Attention Deficit Disorder

I am so proud of myself...really. My computer has just been a severe butthead. There are just no other words to describe it. But I was able to fix it and Im so proud. I still dont have a wireless router (which is on the list of stuff to get this week) but now my computer does run a but faster and I can go back to multitasking and having more than one page and program up and running.

I love my bathroom mirror! PIC before I colored my hair

I sometimes feel like I have ADD, I could have a movie playing in the background, a song stuck in my head, a youtube video up playing, have my Corel Paint Shop Pro open, a calculator, and my blog up and window shopping on the next screen and be FUNCTIONAL. Is anyone else like that??? Oh and lets not forget when the kiddos are with me...then add being a referee to Bella and Matti fighting over who gets to pick the next Netflix movie, one of them is hungry for a snack, the other spilt their drink all over the carpet then your son confiscates your camera and takes pictures of himself in his hero costume...(where does he get this from??) hahaha below. oh I could go on and on. oh my goodness.....women should be given an award everyday for the sheer fact of how much we do. hahahaha

Anyways, back to my original post, I recolored my hair last night and I'm quite pleased with the color! I mixed in a lil bit of my leftover Joico semi permanent colors pink and purple with the Red Color of Paul Mitchell Semi Permanent colors. I just LOVE IT! Feels good to be back to a red color even though the past year I was cursing my red hair because my hair wouldnt hold any other color like blue, turquoise or pink.

It looks way more vibrant when the sun is shining on it, it was cloudy and starting to rain when I snapped this. I llove it, you can peek a bit of the purple still on the tips, but it will all be red eventually. Ill keep it for  while.

Just wanted to show ya my new hair! What color are you "dying" to color your hair??? What are you waiting for??? Just go for it! Ill end this with my favorite quote for this week that I just cant get out of my head. Remember this too when you are too scared to look different or be different.

Thanks for stopping by!

Raving mad with ADD and red hair ....and oh look at that cat,