Alphabet Blocks

Last week, I received an email from a gentleman in Canada who had stumbled across a drawing of alphabet blocks I drew up for a friend last year and requested I draw one up for him and of course pay me for my work. How awesome is that? I think that it's so cool that he found me and asked for me to a piece for him. It's a huge and humbling compliment.

He wanted old fashioned wooden blocks with his daughters initials. He wanted to incorporate her hand and her birthday in it somehow. So I sketched up these two ideas that popped in my head. I didnt finish inking it all the way.

He ended up going with another artist but he still paid me, which was cool. I enjoyed drawing it up for him, and I'm just happy that he is getting something that he loves.

I wanted to share it with yall because when I share my artwork it motivates me to keep going and push myself to work on my drawing and sketching and shading.

Here are a few other sketches I had in a sketch book that I never posted. I did post on my Instagram.

My signature legs I love drawing with shears and strands of hair

Script with "Beauty Is Not An Option"

I picked up the latest Rebel Ink magazine yesterday at Barnes and Nobles and got alot of inspiration from that. Do you read tat magazines? If you do, which one is your favorite? Mine are Bound By Ink and Rebel Mag! Love them! One day, I hope to be in a magazine, that would be awesome.

Tattoos and Ink,