Fathers and Mondays

I cant remember what I did yesterday, that's how tired I am right now. All I know is yesterday was Father's Day. I remember making waffles, eggs and cinnamon rolls. Jermie and I went and visited my dad. We brought him these porcelain eagle figurines we found at a vintage store because he LOVES eagles. He loved them!

When I was over there, he had this photo on his end table, and I couldn't resist taking a quick photo.

I was I think 14 in this picture. I had just moved back to Virginia from Lakeland, Florida. I think I look more like my dad, especially in this photo. In this photo, we just got done driving from Florida. I spent every summer there growing up. Some of my favorite memories of my father and I were from roadtrips to and from Virginia to Florida.

This Monday went by fast! Work was quick, I even made a sale today (Yay!) After work, one of my good friends and client came by so I could highlight her hair. We got to test out my portable sink, she was my crash tester.  That was interesting and fun.....

I was able to squeeze in a quick workout on the elliptical and now, I am falling asleep writing this and my attention span is all over the place. I'm finishing up watching Forrest Gump too, that I rented from the library...one of my favs. If you have never watched it, then you dont know what your'e missing!

ok, off to bed because I think I stopped making sense a couple paragraphs ago,