Yesterday was sooooooo hot and humid. As I was leaving work, the winds picked up and the rain started falling. What started out as a sprinkle, turned into hard sheets of rain and the clouds got dark with flashes of lightening every 10 seconds. Our first Summer Thunderstorm.

I love the rain. I love the sound of rain pounding on the roof and I love the smell of rain, the energy of it. Just relaxing. When I was a kid, I used to spend every summer in Lakeland, Florida with my grandparents and my dad's side of the family. I loved sitting in the back porch listening to the rain hit the metal roof and watching the rain water hit the pool. I would be mesmerized.

Here in Virginia, when I lived at my mom's house, I would open the garage doors, pull up a camping chair and play some music as I watched the storm. I miss that. I havent set up my back patio yet here at our new apartment, which is something to do on my list.

This morning, its all sunny and humid again and the kids are ready to go to the pool. It opens in another 26 minutes, which the kids are impatiently counting down and asking me every 30 seconds if it's time to go yet. oh the urgency of kids.

I am taking my time with my cup of coffee, or should I say my cappuccino. I just wanted to chare what I am drinking, in case you are a coffee freak like me. I ran out of coffee last week and ran to Food Lion the other day to grab something-anything coffee to drink. I didnt want to get the cheap stuff, but I saw this, and wanted to try it.

This is an instant cappuccino drink and I instantly fell in love with it. I added 4 teaspoons into my mug and added a bit of sugar and milk...and as soon as you add the hot water, it froths up and its so foamy, creamy and frothy. Its soooooooo yummy! I think I will be drinking this for a while- at least until I get a Kuerig. hahaha

Using my fav mug with "Imagine" printed on it, you might be able to see just how "frothy" it is. I think I said frothy like 5 times....ahhhh.

10 minutes away from the pool opening, I guess I should get ready. Grab my sunscreen, my suit, my floppy hat, water and my sketch book. Time to lay out and get darker.

Have a fantastic saturday my sweets!